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Digestive Health

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personalized services that are catered to your needs. I am flexible in meeting times and locations. We can meet at my office, your home, or virtually. I want to set you up for success that will be sustainable.


Meeting one on one, we will discuss your overall diet and develop a plan that targets your specific needs including how to eat out.


Making changes can sometimes involve the whole family. In such cases, we can all meet together to develop a plan that that will work for everyone.


How do you set up a kitchen for a family member with celiac? We will go through your kitchen and pantry and make it safe and accessible for everyone.


Together we can discover foods that are appropriate for your dietary needs. You will learn how to read labels and navigate the exciting variety of foods that are available today.  From supermarkets to farmers markets, the choices have never been tastier.


We can review menus from all of your favorite places so you are always ready to go.  Trying somewhere new? We can go over the menu and I can outline your best choices.

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