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Nutrition Counseling

Healing Through

Food and a Positive Lifestyle

About Keats Nutrition

Getting a diagnosis of any digestive disease can be overwhelming. While the diagnosis is a beginning, it is only the start. There are changes to your diet and lifestyle that can be made to help you feel better and live happier. You can learn to navigate the fears and uncertainties that come along with having a diagnosis and understand your disease and how to live a normal life. There is no need to wonder, when the answers are so easily attainable.


I founded Keats Nutrition to help patients and their families. Having many relatives with celiac disease and other digestive disorders, I know how important it is to find the proper guidance.  I also know how happy and healthy they, and their families are with a bit more knowledge and alterations in their habits.  As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I am able to teach you how to move forward to live the life that you want. You will learn how to navigate a healthy diet and lifestyle, whether you are eating at home or dining out. Your family will learn that these changes are manageable and will include the added benefits of eating healthfully.


Located in Westchester County, New York, I work by meeting with clients to develop a comprehensive diet plan along with providing personalized support that will help you achieve your nutrition goals.


Supporting Your Success Through

... We can all do this together!

... Time to clean house!

... There are so many choices available!

... Eating out is easy!


Get in touch today to schedule a free 15-minute initial phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


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